About Us.

Stitchbird Advisory was founded on the basis of two simple beliefs:

We need more internationally competitive companies that understand climate change risks and opportunities in order to drive enduring economic success for New Zealand.
The commercial world can be complex. Opportunities, risks and disruption are all heading your way. And climate change poses a very unique set of risks and opportunities. Our job is to help you navigate the complexity, manage the risks and create value

We work with authentic leaders who want to grow strong, dynamic and sustainable organisations that succeed on the international stage and contribute to New Zealand’s economic, social and environmental well-being.

We believe that operating globally in a world of constant change and disruption, requires unique thinkers bringing unique and diverse skills across a range of disciplines.

And people who ask the tricky questions and think a bit differently to everyone else.

And people who deliver.

That’s us.

We like helping organisations turn big ideas into solid results.

Joanna Silver


+64 21 877 479