It’s all about Results.

What we do.

In short, we make things happen.

We are passionate about creating value for dynamic, globally-connected companies driving enduring economic success for NZ.

We help organisations navigate complexity and turn big ideas into results in these areas:

Enabled businesses to commercialise sustainability and strengthen their ‘social licence to operate’ through tailored strategic environmental solutions and stakeholder engagement in these areas: climate change policy, regulated carbon markets, carbon offsetting in the voluntary carbon market, corporate reporting, electric vehicles uptake, ecosystem services and conservation.

Enabled large New Zealand companies to understand the implications of climate change policy proposals and make informed and collaborative submissions that support company purpose. Helped companies build and have confidence in their climate change strategies and climate action plans.

Enabled large businesses to understand carbon policy drivers and regulatory carbon market dynamics, and build long term carbon price mitigation strategies. Helped companies build and have confidence in their climate change strategies and climate action plans.

Designed and implemented globally leading carbon offsetting programmes for large corporates that connect with stakeholders and customers, and build brand and market leadership position. Helped companies build and have confidence in their climate change strategies and climate action plans.

Helped large companies understand climate-related disclosures and move towards understanding and reporting on the risks and opportunities associated with climate change. Created efficiencies, reduced risk, and improved customer experience and market confidence through identifying and mitigating risk areas, and improving internal policies and operational processes.

Enabled Boards and executive teams to clarify ideology, determine strategic direction and create KPIs, while managing risk and complexity. Created 3/5-year strategic plans and annual business plans. Helped business leaders be a key driver of growth strategies and facilitated strategic planning sessions (Boards and C-suite).

Created new revenue through understanding of global market structures and identification of opportunities, led major new business proposals and optimised business revenues.

Helped CEOs to better position their businesses for future growth and investor engagement by reviewing pricing and products, identifying new products and revising company business plans.

Enhanced and developed products, liaising with clients, sales, operation, business analysts and developers to drive successful product and revenue growth.

Successfully implemented new initiatives and integrations through strategic change leadership and mobilising organisational energy.

Positioned the group CFO and Board to find the optimal partner to accelerate the company’s domestic and international growth aspirations through creating an investor memorandum that motivated investment into the business.

Created new opportunities through distilling disparate data and emerging market information, and converted it into new products.

Analysed policy needed to progress market needs and engaged with government policy makers (NZ, US, UK) to facilitate legislative and policy change.

Helped financial services firm position itself for entry into the Chinese marketplace.

Built client base and brand across US, UK, Europe and New Zealand by engaging with policy makers, regulators, key clients and industry stakeholders.

Drove global technology development projects (across US, UK & India).

Collaborated with large companies, and run stakeholder workshops and strategic planning sessions with Boards and senior management to position organisations as the authority and lead on new initiatives / markets.

Enabled CEOs to design and deliver innovative and novel strategic projects to help transform organisations, open up new markets and maximise opportunities presented by policy or market changes.

Supported CEOs and business leaders to develop, distil, and design strategic plans to leverage new opportunities and position the organisations for leadership in new markets, such as climate finance, carbon markets, international environmental markets.